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Card Game Review: ‘Trashed’ from Winning Moves

Trashed from Winning Moves Games presents classic mechanics with fun new twists. Card-shedding games have been around since there were card games, taking several forms like Speed and Garbage. Winning Moves acts on this time-tested numerical gameplay by adding versatile cards to keep players on their toes while they work to arrange their decks.

To begin Trashed, a dealer lays out 10 cards face-down in front of each player. The goal of the game is to be the first to have all ten slots replaced with numbered cards in the correct order. It sounds like a straightforward puzzle, but delightful twists with cards make Trashed take unexpected turns with every draw.

On a player’s turn, they may take a card from the top of the Draw pile or the top of the Discard pile. When they find a numbered card that they need, they play it in the proper position in front of them and then continue playing with whatever card was there before. This continues until a player cannot play and discards, giving the next player the chance to choose that card from the Discard pile or an unknown one from the Draw pile.

The twists in Trashed come with three special cards: Wild, Stop, and Trashed. Wild cards can take the place of any numbered card. Stop cards automatically end a player’s turn when drawn, making them a potent way to trip up the Discard pile. A Trashed card is especially powerful by allowing the player to swap it for another player’s numbered card on the table that the player needs. As fun as they are for devious players, Trashed cards can be a liability late in the game if no opponent has a needed numbered card. Then the Trashed card is discarded, freeing it up for the next player to grab it.

An individual round of play in Trashed is only the beginning of the game. Players must win three rounds to be the overall champion. Each time, the winner has one fewer card set before them, meaning they only have to put one through nine in order instead of 10. This puts the winner at an advantage, but it also means they will be special targets for Trashed cards down the road.

Thanks to the modular nature of Trashed, players can tweak games to fit them. The instructions contain special rules for more challenging games by removing Wild cards. Players might also try playing with fewer Stops for less risk in drawing or fewer Trashed cards for tighter social play. If there is only a short time to play, they might only do one round to determine a winner. Or, if players want a marathon, they might play all the way down to one card for a 10-time winner.

Trashed is a card game for two to four players aged seven and up. Games move very quickly with players eager to take their next turn and especially in two-player games. Because every card is immediately played upon drawing, there are no hands for players to hold and deliberate over trying to find an optimal move. This makes Trashed perfect for younger players and those who love fast-moving, minimally strategic games packed with laughter.

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