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From the classic days of Cartoon Cartoon, Blossom, Dexter and Johnny Bravo join today’s familiar faces of Mordecai from 'Regular Show' and Jake from 'Adventure Time.'

Card Game Review: ‘Cartoon Network Fluxx’

Looney Labs is launching a Target-exclusive Cartoon Network Fluxx as a companion to Regular Show Fluxx. The box cover is enough to catch a cartoon-enthusiast’s eye, with almost 20 years of cartoon heroes lining the box. From the classic days of Cartoon Cartoon, Blossom, Dexter and Johnny Bravo join today’s familiar faces of Mordecai of Regular Show and Adventure Time‘s Jake. It is a bonanza of nostalgia for the past and present even before the box is opened.

CNFluxxFor Fluxx newbies, the rules are simple: each player takes a turn to draw one card and play one card. As the game progresses, the rules change, adding the number of cards drawn and played as well as special tweaks to make the game crazy fun. Eventually someone will play a Goal card, and the player who has the Keepers to match wins.

Many of the previous Fluxx editions experimented with different styles of play such as the speediness of Star Fluxx or the maddening Creepers of Cthulhu Fluxx, but Cartoon Network Fluxx is kept simple and straightforward to make it perfect for folks wanting a quick, fun game with favorite characters.

Fluxx has come in many forms before, and Cartoon Network works perfectly as a new theme to bring together a massive crossover. Many of the characters have already interacted in promo spots, so it only seems natural to see them running around the gaming table. Every Keeper in the game is a character from popular cartoons past and present. Gumball and Darwin from today join in with old-time favorites like Mojo Jojo, DeeDee, and Courage the Cowardly Dog.

The aim of the game is to have the proper combination for the Goal cards, such as Aku and Samurai Jack for “Good vs. Evil” or Aku and Jake for “Shape-Shifters.” The combinations go on and on in hilarious what-ifs, such as Princess Bubblegum meeting Johnny Bravo for the goal “Hey, Foxy Mama!” or Dexter for the goal “Science!”

Cartoon Network Fluxx goes further with CN-specific New Rule and one-time Action cards. Players may receive bonus draws from having an “E” name like Ed, Edd & Eddy or talking in a funny cartoon voice. Speaking of speaking, a rule may require players to quote Regular Show’s “Yeahuh!” every time they play a Keeper. The powerful “Heroes Rush In” Action moves all of the heroic Keepers to one’s own pile, and the cartoon classic “Hit on the Head with an Anvil” causes a player to discard his or her hand.

Cartoon Network Fluxx is a card game for two to six players aged eight and up. As with most other Fluxxes, the game is very quick to play. Due to its chaotic nature, it may be five minutes, or it could be as long as 20, but it is always action-packed.

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