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A card game as fast, unpredictable, and epic as the world of Ooo!

Card Game Review: ‘Adventure Time Fluxx’ from Looney Labs

Looney Labs’s indomitable line of Fluxx games meets a universe of equal unexpected wild fun in Adventure Time Fluxx. The wild world of Ooo is perhaps the perfect match for the unpredictability of Fluxx, the card game where the rules are constantly changing. Just like the acclaimed Cartoon Network show and its comic book and video game tie-ins, Fluxx stays as faithful to the levels of epic as it does the comedic weird.

adventuretimefluxxAdventure Time Fluxx follows the same base mechanics of other Fluxx editions. The game begins with all players in turn drawing a card and playing a card from their hands. As players add New Rules, the game changes wildly, just as the adventures of Finn and Jake are apt to do. Players collect Keepers or suffer Creepers, working to accomplish the correct pairings needed to win the Goal in play and thusly the game. As a new innovation for the Fluxx line, many Keepers include a “type” indicated with a piece of candy for candy people or a gem for princesses, making some Goals very flexible as many characters could be involved.

Fluxx is a perfect game for fans of the Adventure Time series. Favorite citizens of Ooo populate the deck, with Keepers such as Lumpy Space Princess, Tree Trunks the mini-elephant, and Gunter the penguin. Many of them feature special powers for free actions, such as the Ice King being able to steal a princess Keeper, Marceline enabling players to win despite having a Creeper, or BMO ignoring hand limits. Creepers, which prevent winning unless they themselves are involved in the Goal, also have their own powers: the Candy Zombies can be moved to another player with a Candy Person and Hunson Abadeer can steal his daughter Marceline’s Keeper. The inclusion of such powers add a level of strategy to the luck of card-playing as players will pick and choose when to apply them, as well as keeping an eye out for moves opponents can make.

In addition to special actions from the Keepers and Creepers, the Adventure Time Fluxx deck is packed with Action cards and New Rules to make the game as fast-paced and manic as adventures themselves. Many New Rules offer free actions for every player, such as stealing Keepers, drawing a card to play immediately, or doubling draws and plays (Mathematical!). Action cards are especially interactive in this Fluxx set, like “Floop a Keeper,” where both the player and the opponent discard a Keeper, and the Arena, where players put forth a Keeper or Creeper and debate who would win combat make games especially wild and laugh-out-loud fun.

Adventure Time Fluxx is a card game for two to six players aged eight and up. Because Fluxx games are inherently chaotic, they could be very quick games lasting a few minutes, or they could go on for half an hour before someone comes up with the proper combination. With Adventure Time Fluxx’s wide use of Action cards and speedy rules, long games will be on the rarer end. Instead, players will enjoy battling one another in the racing quest with a constantly changing Goal.

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