Saturday , April 13 2024
Buyer beware.

Capitol Records To Re-Release Radiohead’s Pablo Honey, The Bends, OK Computer

I can't say I'm surprised by today's little tidbit.  Capitol Records, whose parent company EMI has managed to alienate artists and lose money by the truckloads along with just about every other major label under the sun, is trying to raise a little cash by milking one of its hottest properties: the Radiohead catalog.  Radiohead left the label at the end of its deal and hasn't looked back, but that hasn't stopped Capitol from trying to cash in on the band's successful 15-year stint with the label.

Deluxe, expanded editions of the band's first three records will be released March 24Pablo Honey, The Bends, and OK Computer will all be released as 2CD/1DVD packages.  Complete tracklistings for the expanded sets hasn't been announced but some details concerning the releases have emerged.

Pablo Honey will be released with the Drill EP and "Creep" single added to it along with a 1992 four-song session for the BBC.  The DVD will include four videos, an appearance on the British TV program Top Of The Pops and nine songs recorded for a 1994 performance at London's Astoria.

The Bends is being supplemented with the My Iron Lung EP, a 1994 BBC session, and leftovers from the Astoria concert.

OK Computer is to be released with the "Paranoid Android," "Karma Police," and "No Surprises" singles.

In short, nothing previously unreleased is being added to these releases.  If you're in high school, these sets will be a good investment for you as I'm pretty sure you get college credit for listening to Radiohead.  These sets will supplement some classic albums with some great B-sides.  Parents, go ahead and get these for your son or daughter as a graduation gift.  You'll thank me later.

If, like me, you're an old fart who got in closer to the ground floor, you already have a large percentage of the music here only you worked for it and paid through the nose for it.  You obsessively collected those import singles.  You got gang-raped by the currency exchange and you likely have every stray song being offered here.  You probably even have the Live at the Astoria VHS or DVD, meaning you can watch the full performance on one VHS or DVD, rather than having to catch it spread across two DVDs the way it's being done with this set.  For us, this is just a cynical grab for our cash.  You've been warned.  Buyer beware.

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