Sunday , February 25 2024
Man, does Mayor Bloomberg sound like a lackluster tool!

Can We Get a Bloomberg Recall?

Maybe I have no place discussing Mayor Bloomberg, as I don’t live in New York and have had no opinion about him either way prior to this latest SNAFU, but damn, does that guy come off as a serious knob.

I felt pretty sure that the entire city of New York was going to collapse into a chaotic catastrophe as night fell, based on his late afternoon speech and update. NPR had the only news yesterday, as all the major stations were out here in Cleveland, but damn if I didn’t feel worse after hearing the mildly nasal Bloomberg attempt to reassure the New Yorkers that he had ANYTHING under control. He sound more annoyed to be forced to deal with a MAJOR issue of epic proportions that clearly was drawing him away from more important things, like counting his money.

To say that the outage was a “major inconvenience.” and any tangential reference to things being relatively normal, is the tell-tale sign of a huge, insulated, pompous, self-congratulating douchemonger.

WHERE THE HELL IS GIULIANI? Now there is g*ddamn mayor – a man of the people, for the people and by the people. Rudy would have been handing out water, giving out free sandwiches, fanning old people, blowing up balloons and making silly animal characters for children HAD HE BEEN MAYOR.

I don’t like to say this, but an extremely rich, selfish man [of non-descript ethnic orgins] should not be mayor of New York. I want a crusty, grizzled Italian kicking ass and taking names. Or like Pataki for example. Now there is a politician who spoke with authority and clarity. He said the right things (and I paraphrase here): “What the fuck was that shit all about? I mean Jeebus Chriss who’s responsible, how the hell did this happen AND WHEN ARE YOU NITWITS GOING TO GET THIS SHIT FIXED? I better see some head’s rolling and some ball’s ratcheted, or some caps are gonna get busted in someone’s ass, understand BITCHES? Now get me some gloves, roll up my sleeves and find that pussyfied, candyassed little girl Bloomberg, ’cause someone’s getting a chronic beatdown.”

Yeah, that’s what I am saying man. Talk the talk and walk the walk – or get out of the most important city in the world and stop making us look bad.

The City of New York survived, but it wasn’t thanks to the leadership of Capt. Doucheberg, it was because of a fortification of strength, courage and profound pride instilled in a city that was brutishly attacked and came back better than ever, and definitely in part, due to the leadership and character of their former Mayor Giuliani.

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