Wednesday , June 19 2024

Bush Does Right Thing

I am pleased when the president listens to me – it’s in his best interest. Yesterday I said

    This is ridiculous – Bush should unequivocally apologize himself, period. He should say exactly what our man Joe Roche said, that the soldiers themselves are pissed, that this makes their job that much harder and more dangerous, and he should apologize.

I said this because he did everything BUT apologize yesterday, had Condi and his press secretary speaking for him, and it reinforced the perception that he NEVER apologizes or admits to a mistake.

Today he mea culpa-ed all over the place:

    A day after he stopped short of apologizing, Bush told Jordan’s King Abdullah II: “I was sorry for the humiliation suffered by the Iraqi prisoners and the humiliation suffered by their families.

    “I told him I was as equally sorry that people seeing those pictures didn’t understand the true nature and heart of America,” Bush said, standing in the Rose Garden alongside Abdullah.

    The president’s statement went beyond his comment Wednesday that the abuse of prisoners was “abhorrent” and “does not represent the America that I know.”

    ….Bush said he told the king: “Americans like me didn’t appreciate what we saw, and it makes us sick to our stomachs.

    “I also made it clear to his majesty that the troops we have in Iraq (news – web sites) who were there for security and peace and freedom are the finest of the fine.”

    For his part, the king said, “We’re all horrified by the images” of torture and abuse.

    He said he was confident that American investigations would find the guilty parties. The abuse by some soldiers “doesn’t reflect the morals and values” of the United States, Abdullah said. [AP]

You are right, Mr. King, thanks.

In my post from yesterday, Debbie brought up the point (comment 19)

    “What is the hang up with meaningless apologies? If Bush didn’t order it, didn’t partake in it, didn’t cover it up and allow it – what is there for HIM to apologize for? I can’t apologize for something that somebody else did and have it mean anything, it’s worthless unless the person responsible apologizes.

I would argue that “the buck stops there.” This happened under his presidential watch, he is the Commander in Chief, and ultimately he is responsible for how Americans under his command conduct themselves. I didn’t say he is “culpable” for unauthorized actions, but it is appropriate that he express his personal – and official governmental – regret that such a thing happened. And he has done so.

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