Friday , July 19 2024

Bush, Cheney – Playground Wussies!!

Presidential debates should be pre-requisites to running for president. There should be no if, ands or buts about it. The two leading candidates and in some cases three (you can throw in a nutjob for comedic effect) should be required to stand before the American public (and the world for that matter) and discuss the important issues facing our nation. Debates are crucial for the necessary comparative analysis needed by the voting populous.

Not everyone is a party ticket voter. There are actually people who CAN and DO think for themselves and want to choose based on the issues, not the party platform.

For those people with functioning lobes, debates are crucial. In fact, if Bush refuses I WILL NOT EVEN CONSIDER VOTING FOR HIM.

While it’s tiring having to read this kind of horseshit about ”he said/he” said regarding the debates, the fact remains that Democratic Presidential nominee John Kerry has agreed to debates and cheerfully awaits the opportunity to face President Bush head on to discuss the top issues.

Bush and Co. on the other hand, are hedging their bets, wringing their hands and sitting with their thumbs in their butts playing switch.


Wait, that didn’t sound right.

Anyway, my feeling is this – an analogy is begging to be made.

President Bush and VP Cheney are the head bullies on the playground. They make the rules. They pick on the funny looking kids and take their toys. They steal their lunch money and make them eat dirt while bossing and terrorizing everyone else around with their politics.

Kerry and Edwards have challenged the status quo – saying “Hey, we can boss, terrorize and steal too – but in the meantime we can look out for you little red-haired girl who wants her chance on the swing, and you little four-eyed freak who wants to read his book in peace, and especially you little kindergarteners, who just want to play ring around the rosy without getting sand poured on your heads. We can offer a better way, so let’s discuss.”

But Nooooooo, Bush and Dick are afraid, they know that Kerry and Edwards use big words and talk about weird things like the “economy”, “alternative power”, “job creation”, and HOLY MARY MOTHER OF GOD – HEALTHCARE.

Oh yeah, and Kerry and Edwards want their chance to blow up terrorists too, but perhaps without making everyone around the globe hate us so much that they hand over their nuclear weapons while smiling in our faces as the “evildoers” blow us the FUCK UP.

All satire aside, this pussyfooting around the debates blows dead rats in the gutter and I am sick of it. WHAT ARE THEY AFRAID OF?

Just get to setting the date and let’s get the show on the road – it’s decision time and I am waiting.

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