Monday , May 27 2024

Bush 2-for-2 Today

Check out these two headlines: Bush Seen Declaring Iraq in Violation of UN Order, Laying Ground for War, and White House Indicates Bush Won’t Intervene to Save Lott’s Job. Good job George, you get two big stickers.

Polls (note headline spin, then read the numbers) say the American public is in favor of regime change and doesn’t believe Iraq’s claims to have no weapons of mass destruction, but they also say Americans want more proof. George hears and obeys:

    Even as Fleischer spoke, British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw weighed in with a similar assessment, calling the assertion that Iraq has no weapons of mass destruction “obvious falsehood.”

    Among the “obvious omissions” Straw cited was Saddam’s failure to account for the weapons of mass destruction which were listed in the final report of the inspectors who left his country in 1998.

    Straw said those inspectors had accused Saddam of possessing nerve agents and other “chemical precursors” and munitions.

    Senior Bush administration officials involved in the talks said the president was not expected to declare Iraq in “material breach” of a U.N. resolution arms resolution, which would provide him what considers legal justification for war.

    Instead, advisers expect Bush to chart a slightly more patient course that would push the prospects for military action several weeks into the new year while he builds a public case against Iraq. [AP]

Important and prudent move.

    The strategy gaining most support on Bush’s team is to increase pressure on U.N. weapons inspectors to seek interviews with Iraqi weapons scientists outside of Iraq, a prerogative given to the international body under the resolution.

    Bush believes Saddam will resist such demands, giving the United States a case for “material breach” that U.S. allies and the American public may find more justified than hastier action, the officials said.

    On the other hand, if Iraq surprises Bush and turns over the scientists, U.S. officials believe the witnesses would provide evidence that could be used against Saddam, officials said.

Checkmate, murderous swine.

Regarding Lott, despite his ever-more obsequious and self-abasing apologies, is done: the White House won’t help him, making Bush 2 for 2 today:

    The White House position could seal Lott’s fate because a number of GOP senators are expressing concerns that the Mississippi senator is a liability to their agenda in Congress and to Bush’s re-election. Tuesday afternoon, Bush maintained the silence he has kept on the matter since Thursday, waving off a reporter’s question about whether Lott could still lead effectively.

    The Senate GOP set a Jan. 6 meeting on Monday to decide whether Lott should remain majority leader.

    Meanwhile, Bush met at the White House Tuesday with House Speaker Dennis Hastert, proceeding without Lott to plan for the 2003 congressional agenda.

Bye-bye Dixiecrat – not sorry to see your sorry ass go. It isn’t 1948 – pray that it never wil be again.

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