Thursday , June 27 2019
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Book Review: They Don’t Play Hockey In Heaven

So, NHL players and owners appear to have a new collective bargaining agreement that will end the lock out that cost them last season. YAWN. Instead of worrying about a league few really seemed to miss as it committed hari-kari, maybe it’s worth taking a look at people who aren’t …

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Book Review: My Friend Leonard

It takes a bit to get used to James Frey’s memoirs, both typographically and stylistically. None of the paragraphs are indented. Quotation marks are not used to delineate speech or conversation. Stylistically, Frey would probably flunk most basic composition classes. Many of his sentences are basically run-on streams of consciousness. …

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Book Review: You Are a Dog Is

True “dog people” are considered such because they think so highly of the canine. Not only do they consider their dog almost as much a part of the family as the children, they tend to respect a dog’s patience, tolerance and unqualified devotion. I know because I’m one of them. …

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Book Review: The Making of 9/11’s Perfect Soldiers

Some journalism doesn’t fit the inherent constraints of newspapers or magazines. Often, that is because the subject is too massive and requires longer periods of investigation than what these formats tend to demand in immediacy. Terry McDermott’s exploration of the 9/11 terrorists, Perfect Soldiers, is an example of this. McDermott, …

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Book Review: Dark Fire

Literary types like to dismiss genre fiction, yet judging by the number of novels that are near- (or far-)misses, a detective novel is as difficult to write well as any other.

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