Saturday , January 18 2020
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Book Review: ‘The New Senior Man: Exploring New Horizons, New Opportunities,’ by Thelma Reese and Barbara M. Fleisher

The New Senior Man by Thelma Reese and Barbara M. Fleisher is a much-needed guidebook for men heading into retirement. Its authors are experts in aging and issues facing senior men and women – and what they've gathered for this latest offering proves that retirement is nothing like it used to be.

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Interview with Jonice Webb, Author of ‘Running on Empty No More: Transform Your Relationships With Your Partner, Your Parents & Your Children’

An interview with Dr. Jonice Webb, an expert on CEN — Childhood Emotional Neglect. Her new book, 'Running On Empty No More' helps sufferers end their feelings of loneliness and isolation, and reconnect with loved ones.

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Interview: William Pullen, Author of ‘Running with Mindfulness: Dynamic Running Therapy (DRT) to Improve Low Mood, Anxiety, Stress, and Depression’

An interview with psychotherapists William Pullen on his book, 'Running with Mindfulness'. The book features powerful, holistic techniques for healing from depression, anxiety, and other emotional challenges — on your feet, in the company of friends, and in the fresh air.

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