Sunday , November 19 2017
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Book Review: ‘The Rabbit Who Wants to Go To Harvard’ A Parody by Zeldar the Great With Help From Diana Holquist and Christopher Eliopoulos

"The Rabbit Who Wants to Go To Harvard" by Zeldar The Great with help from Diana Holquist and Christopher Eliopoulos is interactive and witty. While the work is fun and zany, almost more for an adult reader, the way it is written is fun for a child.

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Book Review: ‘Warriors of the Storm,’ by Bernard Cornwell – Book Nine of ‘The Last Kingdom’ Series

"Warriors in the Storm" is the latest instalment of Bernard Cornwell's "The Last Kingdom" series. Cornwell brings us a compelling tale of fierceness and bravery, creating characters that are real and down to earth, with fears and concerns that keep you entranced.

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Concert Review: Juilliard415 with Jordi Savall – ‘Shakespeare & Cervantes: Dreams and Follies’ (NYC 1/30/2016)

The 'eminence grise' of Early Music led the Juilliard School's main Early Music group in an crowd-pleasing concert with readings, all in tribute to the music of the time of Shakespeare and Cervantes.

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Interview with Leif and Jason Grundstrom-Whitney, authors of ‘The Hidden Chalice of the Cloud People’

Like breathing, eating, brushing your teeth, writing is good hygiene for the creative soul.

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