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To know what is happening in the world before the markets open for the day would create a power that many would covet at all costs.

Book Review: ‘Zero Alternative’ by Luca Pesaro

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000035_00017]Power comes in many forms and seems to always follow the money. With the banking system now so intricate and many vying for ways to find just a few more dollars through the market, there are bound to be shenanigans of the very worst kind.

In Zero Alternative, we are taken deep into the money markets, and many of the secrets they keep. Scott Walker is one of those who play the market and understand the rules. He has friends in many places — and a few enemies as well. One of his friends has been building a program that can help them to know things ahead of time. There is only on problem with that. Someone else is aware of the work and is willing to do whatever it takes to be the owner. Whoever holds the information would be able to keep their thumb on the pulse of the world.

As people around him begin to die in brutal fashion, Scott begins calling in favors. Without the access to the same types of assets, he still knows enough people who can help him. Yet suddenly it seems that he is the focus, and those he is closest to are no longer safe — even those who feel they can take care of themselves. With the death of his friend who built the program, can he find the bits and pieces that have been lost before it is too late?

As he races ahead of his enemies, he has no idea who to trust. A morass is opening that he may well disappear into unless he can find the answers.

Pesaro has done an amazing job of taking you deep into the money trenches of the markets. He is very knowledgeable, and, while deep, the information is amazing. He has taken his own knowledge of how things work and twisted it all into a sinister cycle. His characters are very interesting and pretty realistic. The crux of the story rings true, and you wonder just how much is real.

If you enjoy suspense and thrillers you will enjoy this work. There is also a bit of romance and travel that seals the deal. The infrastructure he builds his story around is both exciting and pervasive.  This would be a great book for a reading group with theories and events that will generate some very interesting dialogue. Pesaro is an author to watch for.

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