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A visionary science fiction tale of the corruption of absolute power.

Book Review: Vallar by Cindy Borgne

In the never-ending road to power and control, other countries, states, and continents continue to want what belongs to others. This is not at all unique in any way; this has been the way of the world for countless centuries. Yet the same drive for control ensues in space, when others have more. The big and mighty look for ways to take what the other worlds have.

In Vallar by Cindy Borgne, Ian Connors and his friend Nate Forshay are seers and have visions of things that are about to happen. Well, the expectation is that they both have visions. Nate has been very adept with his, and they have been instrumental in helping their fleet on its missions. Ian is still struggling with his visions, and yet it is known that he will be able to help in the same way as his best friend Nate. This ability is not common, and they are held in the highest regard. In fact they are elites, giving them strong standing in the army. They report their findings to Admiral Beacon, the man in charge of all missions.

Marscorp has control and intends to keep it, so when others begin encroaching on the horizon, they shoot first and ask questions later. There are only a few others, but they will risk it all to gain enough to live by. Marc, though is a bully and wants it all, although not everyone is aware of this. Ian finally begins to have his visions; they are not what he expects. They begin being about a girl. As they progress, he gets more information and, in an effort to do what is asked, he finally gives Beacon information about a mine in the area, one being sought after by the Genners. As usual, Marscorp goes in with guns blasting, killing and maiming, while the Genners only want to work together, the Marcs want it all.

Worried about the girl in his vision, Ian is also disillusioned by it all. He begins to hide his visions and makes an effort to use them to track down his vision of this girl. What does she mean to him? He feels something but he is not sure. When he has a vision of one of the Marc ships blowing up and those aboard being killed, he takes his concerns to Admiral Beacon. The information makes no difference; the Admiral will not stop in his effort gain control. He does not believe a ship can or will be destroyed, but if it is that is part of this war.

Ian is in disbelief and further hides his visions, not wanting to be a part of what he sees happening. Using his own ship, with his friend Nate along, he decides to go where the action is and try to save those at risk. Little does he know that not only does he risk his own life, but he has also just risked the life of his best friend. When his ship is destroyed, one of the Genners saves Ian, but his friend Nate has disappeared. How does life go forward in such a brutal and hostile environment?

Borgne has developed some great characters and made them quite human. Ian and his friend Nate are the quintessential teenagers, those we know and see every day. Nate is a bit ahead of Ian in the game, but girls are one of their primary thoughts. Then there is action and adventure, but foremost there are girls. It is interesting to watch Ian develop and become something more, to step beyond the youngster he was to become the young man he is soon to be. His thought process and feelings are quite admirable.

Admiral Beacon is cast as the evil villain, and while he talks a good game of what is right for them as a culture, his cruelty shines through his civility. He is not able to hide the underlying ruthlessness that has put him at the top of his game. He will do what it takes regardless of the consequences, and it will take everything Ian has and more to survive.

Even his foster mother, while you can tell she has feeling for Ian, lets her fear of Beacon overshadow that love. This is a quick paced and action packed YA Science Fiction adventure that keeps you hopping.

For the young adult reader, the Science Fiction buff, and even those that just enjoy a good action adventure, this is an interesting and quick read. If you are looking for a story to interest your young reader, this may be just the thing to keep them reading.


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