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100% of proceeds from this book will be donated to dog rescues around America.

Book Review: Tucker’s Tale by Christopher Walsh

I love dog books, but I love charity dog books even more.  In Tucker's Tale, Author Christopher Walsh and illustrator Vanda Lavar have combined their talents to work on a children’s picture book based on the true story of a rescue dog and how he finally finds happiness in a caring home. All proceeds from the book will be donated to dog rescues across America.

Tucker’s Tale: The Story of a Rescue Dog is narrated from the point of view of Tucker, a cocker spaniel who at first is quite unhappy living with a mean lady who keeps him in a cellar and hardly ever brings him food.

“Tucker stretched out in his crate. He shivered to the chilly Fall morning in the dampness of the cellar. The Woman upstairs moved around before dawn but didn’t bring him his breakfast. He was very hungry this morning. I hope she didn’t forget my breakfast, he thought. She forgot many times before.

Fortunately, Tucker is discovered by a rescuer and, after staying temporarily in several homes, he finally finds the warm, loving home he’s always wanted.

Tucker’s tale is sad, but it is also uplifting, and will touch the hearts of children and adults alike. You better have a handkerchief at hand when you finish reading this book!

My eleven-year old daughter read it and was engrossed by the story and artwork. The illustrations are lovely, almost ethereal, and deftly capture the essence and the angelic quality of these very special dogs. Simply put, it is a tale that will go straight to your heart.

The book also offers an important message to young minds, one about the love we should have for helpless animals, as well as what people who run dog rescues do in order to find homeless dogs a permanent, kind home.

This is Walsh’s first book. You can read more about the author and what you can do to help dog rescues on his website.

Vanda Lavar specializes in animal art and supports many animal rescue causes. Her clientele include many prestigious organizations, such as The Bradford Exchange.

If you or your child love dog books, and if you would like to do something to benefit dog rescues, I advise you to get a copy of this touching, heart-warming book.

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