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As a professional band of assassins begin their assault on a group of wedding guests, groom-to-be Mac Faraday helps the small police force investigate the attack before it's too late.

Book Review: ‘Three Days to Forever,’ A Mac Faraday Mystery by Lauren Carr

24019097In Three Days to Forever by Lauren Carr, we are finally zoned into the wedding of the year. Mac Faraday and Archie Monday have finally gotten their calendar set. Family and friends have set aside the time to honor this huge social event and Mac’s daughter as well as his best friend’s son are all a part of the festivities. But with just a short time till nuptials, there is suddenly a sinister presence forcing its way into the heart of the occasion.

As a professional band of assassins begin their assault on a group of wedding guests which include Mac’s daughter Jessica, his best friend’s son Murphy, his soon-to-be mother-in-law and his dog Gnarly, Mac helps the small police force try and find the clues behind the attack before it is too late.

With the guests trapped and fighting for their lives, suddenly danger is more real and Mac must help to find a way to save his family and guests. An injury prevents Archie from helping, but Mac presses forward, for even as they eradicate the first danger, he must find out what has set off this chain of events and put a stop to the continued threat of death to his family and friends. Can he help decipher the clues before it is too late?

Carr has continued her series involving Mac Faraday and his soon-to-be bride, Archie Monday. She has added to the cast of characters by introducing family members who are just as real and robust as those of her initial group. She continues in the vein of romance and danger, creating sparks of both to keep your interest lit and flaring. From the annoying to the amazing she finds the right attitude with her characters, creating both chaos and a sense of humor.

Including Gnarly in the scenes gives us that depth of feeling that creates both fear for his safety as well as honor for his courage and bravery. His antics always seem to add a touch of humor in even the most dire of situations.

If you enjoy action and adventure as well as mystery and romance you will find this work is just the thing. Think danger and espionage and you will find a trickle of that danger weaving throughout the story. Carr continues to keep us enthralled with her protagonist, and yet each character is strong enough to stand on his or her own as well.

This would be a great work for a reading and discussion group. The depth of feeling and mystery would be sure to keep the dialogue open.

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