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The mysterious disappearance of a plane finally comes to light in the deep woods; those involved are eager to hide the truth.

Book Review: The Wrath of Angels by John Connolly

The darkness and anger of the fallen is often talked about by those who believe. Angels that have fallen from grace become the monsters of our dreams.

In The Wrath of Angels by John Connolly, we follow Charlie Parker, a man who has been involved in such happenings for some time. No one is sure of his own pedigree, and the question remains—is he also one with a taint on his soul? He does not believe it; he believes that he is on the side of right. Hunting down the monsters as they work at annihilating those that oppose them, he has seen many things. Often in the middle of both sides he is regularly challenged at his stance. Darkness descends in all directions, and those who oppose are on a list. This list is sought after by both sides, one for death, the other for knowledge. The Collector walks as well, ready to finish the job of stealing souls and moving them on. When Charlie finds his own name on the list, he knows the Collector is on his own trail.

When he hears of a plane in the darkest part of the forest, one that carries another list, he knows he must begin the search. There is more at stake than any of the residents can imagine. The danger of discovery put those with knowledge at risk. As each of the witnesses is killed in brutal fashion, Charlie must race against time to reach the plane before the fallen do. But he remembers a story of these same woods from years ago. This story is of a young girl, another danger that lures the unwary. Can he stay ahead of the collector, and retrieve that which is written before it is too late?

John Connolly has written a tale of darkness and deceit, and sprinkled it with bits of good. The fallen angels are dark and destructive, but well placed in the world. Able to hold sway over those that have their own darkness through the form of money or threat, they have built a small army of dangerous men and women. His characters are real and creepy, with the ability to steal into your dreams. The brutality and graphic nature of the ritual killings stay with you long after you set down the book. The darkness and description of the characters take you there, and hold you spellbound. This is not a work for the weak of heart.

If you enjoy thrillers and tones of the underworld, this will fill the bill. The mystery surrounding the plane will keep you captivated, and the characters will give you chills. Charlie Parker is an excellent character, tough and resilient, and he has surrounded himself with his own group of friends. He is sure of his own character, even when those around him have questions. He is smart and full of passion for what he does.

This is a thriller that will hold you captive to the very end. This would make a fascinating read for a reading group, and a strong argument for a discussion group. Charlie Parker is a character to watch for.

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