Sunday , December 10 2023
Tips and tricks for getting and getting away with just about anything you want, if you're a cat.

Book Review: The World is Your Litter Box – A How-To Manual for Cats by Quasi, with Minor Help from Steve Fisher

A couple of months ago, I reviewed a book called Everyday Cat Excuses – Why I Can't Do What You Want by Molly Brandenburg, and now I am reviewing The World Is Your Litter Box: a How-To Manual for Cats by Quasi and Steve Fisher. I want to make it clear that I am not a crazy cat lady; I just happen to have cats and am amused by them.

I am attracted to books by other cat owners who are also amused by the furballs, but I rarely read them. Were it not for Blogcritics, I probably would not have read either book, and subsequently I would have missed out on some moments of amusement. While Everyday Cat Excuses contained a few grins here and there, The World Is Your Litter Box piles them on, one right after another.

Writing as his cat, Quasi, Steve Fisher addresses everything that a cat needs to know, from how to get your human to do anything you want to how to get away with unacceptable kitty behavior (unsurprisingly, there is a strong relationship between the two). Cat owners may find themselves viewing their pet's behavior in an entirely different light after reading this book, and may want to lock up their copies so that Fluffy won't paw through it while they're at work.

This book is by no means a serious psychological study of cat behavior or cat-human relationships, but it does provide some insight into the latter. The main thing I took away from this book is that no matter what cats do to irritate humans, most of us easily melt into a puddle of mush when our pets show affection. Think of how much calmer rush hour could be if we all had a purring cat in our laps?

If you're struggling to finish that last book on the Man Booker Prize list, or you need a break from The Brothers Karamazov (in the original Russian), The World Is Your Litter Box will provide sufficient distraction and amusement, allowing you to return to your more serious reading feeling refreshed.

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