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Chilling terror that reads like Hitchcock.

Book Review: The Strangers Outside by Vanessa Morgan

On a beautiful, idyllic day by the Belgian seaside, Jennifer and Louise enjoy their unfettered time together. It is a wonderful weekend, and they are staying at the remote cabin where they used to stay with their parents for years. Wrapping up their conversation prior to making their way to the cabin for the evening, Louise ponders where they will be and what they will be doing a year from now.

Jennifer, never very sure of herself, feels as though she would like to have a new boyfriend, although she does not see that happening. She is awkward around people, and Louise is always the one helping her through life.

As they head to the cabin, Louise reflects on their good luck on getting such a great deal on the place due to the season. Other then the caretakers they have the place to themselves. They will have some girl time. Playing the tune that they both love on Jennifer’s phone as they exit the car they are silly and dancing their way to the cabin. Suddenly Louise stops, the hair rising on her neck. Slowly she looks around and sees two men standing on the grounds just looking at them. She cannot see them clearly, but it really creeps her out. Jennifer wonders if they could be burglars, but neither of them is comfortable as they hurry to the cabin and lock themselves in.

This is only the beginning, a night of unimaginable terror. Do they have the will to survive? Only the morning will know the answer.

The Strangers Outside is a very intriguing yet creepy story. Vanessa Morgan has truly brought to life an evening of terror. She has taken the nightmare out of the closet and moved it front and center in such a way that it cannot be ignored. As I read the story I was not really sure what my feeling was: maybe the crawly feeling that seemed to come right out of a corner of your mind when you know something is changing. As I read further it took me back to some of the first scary stories I heard or even saw on TV.

As I thought about how the story came together, it reminded me of many of the short Hitchcock movies of that earlier era.

The Strangers Outside is a short novel, but packed with a large amount of punch. Truly a book that sends a chill up your back. If you enjoy spooky and creepy things you will enjoy this story. And better yet, it is currently being made into a movie.

This would be a great book for reading around the fire with your friends. What could be better for the month of Halloween then to find a great new spooky tale to share?

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