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Bram Stoker aficionados will enjoy this latest addition to the genre.

Book Review: The Stoker File by Toni Noto

The Stoker File is a fascinating and ingeniously-written novel that will keep your hands glued to the pages until you've reached the end.

Due to a tragic flood that sweeps the city, a mysterious bundle of papers is found in the basement of the University of Budapest. On closer examination, the papers appear to be something unimaginable: the lost diary of Bram Stoker. Soon a team of researchers from the University of Columbia is assigned the job of proving the diary's authenticity. But then, people associated with the strange manuscript begin to suffer deadly accidents. Is the diary cursed or is it something even more sinister?

Brilliant and beautiful Laura Olsen Wynne, one of the researchers, discovers the secret of the diary and, at the risk of her own life, tries to prevent more deaths. To achieve this, she goes into hiding. Thus enters Detective Arnold Walters, who's put in charge of her disappearance and who becomes somewhat obsessed and fascinated by the lovely researcher. He must find her before other people — or dark forces — get to her. What is the real meaning of the diary and why are so many willing to kill for it? Will Walters find Laura in time to save her — and his own — life?

This was a highly enjoyable novel to read, not only because of the mystery, but because of the author's writing style – traditionally toned and reminiscent of those writers from the 19th Century. He makes Stoker's diary and voice sound surprisingly genuine. The atmosphere is dark and threatening throughout, and the puzzle will keep readers guessing for the conclusion. The story switches back and forth between the present and Stoker's narration in the diary, so we're transported to two very different worlds and times, each one vivid and filled with its own kind of suspense. Highly recommended to all who enjoy a dark, spooky read.

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