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The Safety Expert is a nonstop action thriller that will keep you guessing what's coming next from start to finish.

Book Review: The Safety Expert by Doug Richardson

Doug Richardson, author of The Safety Expert is also a screenwriter, and among others, he wrote the script for Die Hard 2: Die Harder, and Bad Boys. Imagine what type of novel you would expect from a writer like that, and that is what you get in this book.

Ben Keller is a charming but not very exciting guy who makes his living as a safety consultant, telling companies and individuals how to be as safe as possible. He seems to have a perfect wife and family. No one would guess that behind this cautious man with his endless supply of safety statistics lies a past blasted by violence and loss. Ben once had another perfect family, and he lost them in a crime that was never solved. 

But Ben has done the only thing he could do, and has moved on. Until one night a tape recording surfaces that blows his seemingly perfect life to pieces, and sets him on a course that will force him to choose between his peaceful new life and justice at any cost for his old one. Because now, ten years later, Ben knows how to find out who killed his first wife and twin girls.

The Safety Expert is non-stop action and unending tension from start to finish. It is full of colorful characters…a 400 lb. paraplegic detective, a tough female cop, a former porn star desperate to be a mom …who still manage to be believable. Fans of action, adventure, and mystery will enjoy this book. Just expect that you will need to devote some time to The Safety Expert. It is very hard to put down.

Don’t be surprised if the book is made into a movie. It reads like one, and I’m pretty sure there’s probably a very good role for Bruce Willis in here, on one side of the moral scale or the other.

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