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Aha! moments on how to survive life as a customer service representative.

Book Review: The Napkin, The Melon and The Monkey by Barbara Burke

Hay House books are known for their insightful message and interesting presentation. The Napkin, The Melon and The Monkey is no exception. It contains straightforward advice told through a parable, in which a young office worker, Olivia, struggles with her job as a customer service representative. Olivia’s life unfolds quickly as the story begins, and her frustration in her job may seem familiar to you at first. But the calm narration keeps you from feeling her anger, as you’ll quickly see.

Through a mentor, some mindfulness techniques, and a few minutes of calm, Olivia's challenges lessen. She learns practical strategies we can all benefit from:

"Change your mind when you can‘t change your circumstances."

You might not think there's room in the fast-paced 21st century for a business book based on parables, let alone stories about a napkin, a melon and a monkey. But with an open mind, what you’ll take away from The Napkin, The Melon and The Monkey are 22 Aha! Moments – mostly in the form of basic motivational messages.

Burke is a specialist in the people side of customer service with over 25 years experience. Her ability to help people cope and manage the stress of their work becomes clear as we read this parable. Visit napkinmelonmonkey.com to understand more.

(Review based on pre-publication version.)

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