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From a rough start as one of twelve siblings in foster care, life's challenges could not stop Dr. Nathaniel Williams.

Book Review: The Mature 64: Living Life 8 by 8 by Nathaniel Williams

In this book, "Mature 64” doesn’t relate to an age, but to a concept of living life 8 x 8.

The numbers refer to eight roles that are present in our interactions with others and the eight domains of our lives.


Universal love
Following particular methods
Accountability and responsibility


Personal development
Family and friends

Author Nathaniel Williams’ hypothesis is that we reach and sustain maturity when we are in some way under development in these areas. Readers can use the book as a guide to determining weak areas and grow toward maturity.

The journey to maturity may develop at different times for each individual. Regardless of when we mature, choices in behavior and decision making affect our health, personal development, education, financial status, spiritual natures, and more. 

The Mature 64: Living Life 8 by 8 is a nicely designed book with full color worksheets and charts plus supplemental material at

Unlike the traditional definition of maturity as being fully grown or developed, Williams defines The Mature 64 as “no more excuses.” If you learn one key component of The Mature 64’s message, it is learning to embrace a situation as it is, not how we desire it to be.

With "no more excuses" we’re not able to hide behind anything, thus Williams says we must embark on courageous conversations with others.

Explore and grow past your weaknesses in universal love and fellowship, which unites us with others, and through that process, empowers us.

In today’s over-stimulated world of too-much-information, Williams emphasizes the importance of reflection, which gives us time to understand the lived experience and how it affects us.

“For a mature adult, reflection takes into account a wide range of data including past experiences, past thoughts and how these thoughts developed over time, and how that past has influenced the present. The mature rational adult appreciates that the past affects the present and the present affects the future,” says Williams.

Perhaps most inspiring and motivating is the author’s ability to achieve so much from his difficult childhood experiences. Dr. Williams holds four graduate degrees, and provides motivational speeches, training, and workshops on topics including diversity, stress management, and conflict avoidance/resolution. He is also the author of The Navigator of Life and Management and Leadership by the 3Ps.

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