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If you enjoy romance and fun, you will enjoy The Matchmaker's Playbook by Rachel Van Dyken. It will make a great summer read, sure to keep you enthralled.

Book Review: ‘The Matchmaker’s Playbook,’ A Wingmen Inc. Novel, by Rachel Van Dyken

27383715When injuries occur to potential professional athletes, their career choices must change. In The Matchmaker’s Playbook, A Wingmen Inc. Novel by Rachel Van Dyken, we meet Ian Hunter, a former NFL prospect and one half of the team in Wingmen Inc. His new company is a secretive, word of mouth dating service where he and his partner use their skills with women to help them become noticeable to their crush, and possibly even get them to hook up.

They have garnered a reputation for success and when Ian gets a new client named Blake Olson, he is sure he is ready for his next triumph. Blake is everything he dislikes in a woman, from her choice of clothing to her footwear as well as her irritating attitude. He finds her to be very annoying and even he is not sure he is up to the task of helping her realize her crush.

As he pushes forward and his recommended transformation occurs he realizes that he is beginning to like her, her spunk and humor are engaging. However, he knows he must stay clear, as his job is to help her succeed in reaching her own goal of romance. He is beginning to wonder if he can make it, for his final ploy is in making the target jealous and that will require some closeness with which he is no longer comfortable.

What will he do when he succeeds; his heart is already feeling the terror of loss. Can he move forward and get past his hurt as he helps Blake realize her dream?

Dyken creates strong male characters with charisma and charm, and puts them in the business of helping women find mates. This also makes her characters just a bit bold but also a little vain. Good looking and charismatic, their own thoughts and quirks make sure they have just enough flaws to make them likable.

Her interaction between characters is initially subtle, but the heat begins to build as Ian begins to loose just a bit of his armor. This keeps your interest as each chink he developes makes him more likable. With Blake being so entertaining and feisty, you will love the way Van Dyken gradually develops their relationship.

If you enjoy romance and fun, you will enjoy The Matchmakers Playbook. It will make a great summer read, sure to keep you enthralled. This would also be a great gift for any of your book-reading friends, sure to keep them entertained.

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