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First-hand advice from a woman who set out to find her man and tells you how to do the same.

Book Review: The Law of Attraction: How to Get Your Man by Sally Huss

A common theme in many success stories is to follow the “law of attraction” which is a major component of The Secret. Author Sally Huss helps you get to the core by asking you do to this one thing:

Get clear on what you want.

That’s the secret to The Secret and to a fulfilling career, to having money and even finding your soul mate. Get clear on what you want.

Huss had goals in life, centered around being a tennis champion, and she did that very well. She is a former Wimbledon Junior Champ and Wimbledon Women’s Division semi-finalist.

“The heart wants to belong to someone,” Huss says. But when it came to meeting Mr. Right, she met many who were wrong. It was only after identifying the qualities she desired in a man, ranging from loving and kind, to intelligent and happy, that she actually met her match.

With her list of desirable qualities, she’d compare each fellow and focus on those who fit with her goal. Remember, she was very clear on what she wanted. “It is the setting in motion of an intention which, through the infallible Law of Attraction, brings to you what you want, what your heart is truly set on.”

Instead of falling for any man who showed interest in her, she actually went back to her list of desired qualities, and if the man didn’t match up, she kept looking.

Above all, Huss stayed true to herself. “I pay attention to my inner voice when it tells me to go somewhere or do something. I accept all invitations to gatherings and events. I don’t know when or where he may show up. I just know he will.”

As a bonus, Sally’s artistic talent is on display in this little book with full color illustrations, which are syndicated by King Features, as Happy Musings.

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