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In 'The Language of Solitude', Jan-Philipp Sendker takes us into the mysteries and histories of China to give us a story of depth and darkness.

Book Review: ‘The Language of Solitude,’ a Mystery by Jan-Philipp Sendker

China is a land of mystery to most. News and books can only give us a glimpse into those mysteries. In The Language of Solitude by Jan-Philipp Sendker, we are once again given another look into the intricacies of China and the life of those who call it home.

Paul, a journalist is just beginning to believe that Hong Kong is the place he determines to call home. In love with Christine Wu, he is beginning to overcome the tragedy in his past, one that has driven him away from all those he knew before. Christine is a cipher, quiet and reserved and yet passionate. She has drawn him from the darkness of his past, while at the same time, having secrets of her own.

When she unexpectedly receives a letter from her brother, whom she has not seen since she was a child, she and Paul decide it is time to understand the secrets behind her life. What they find is a grown man with sadness and problems all his own. Her brother’s wife is extremely ill, and his own health, is not the greatest, leaving their care up to his daughter.

Paul’s journalistic background sees a story and his compassion for people draws him in. Christine must head back to her own job, while Paul decides to find some answers.

With a country stark in tradition, and full of all the histories that create the mysteries of China, can Paul find answers without raising sleeping lions. Unable to turn away, he finds the sometimes many secrets are deadly, while some can set you free. Can he help those in need without waking the danger of the past?

Sendker does a wonderful job of taking us into the beauty and wonder of China, yet outlining the dangers of stepping into the past, for turbulence and fear are just below the surface. The depth of journalist investigation is brought to life, with the interest in how difficult the truth is to find. Many layers of investigation are brought forth, and you almost feel as through this could well be a news article as his character moves forward.

If you enjoy beauty, romance, love and mystery you will find them all in this work. Its interesting and will hold you enthralled through to the end. This would be a great work for a reading or discussion group.

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