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Money is no protection when someone or something is out to make sure you and your family are dead.

Book Review: ‘The Heiresses’ by Sara Shepard

18505794When money is no object one has to wonder about the lives beneath the wealth. Are those with money anything like the rest of us, or is all golden?

In The Heiresses by Sara Shepard, you may find a few of those thoughts and questions answered. Problems plague all classes of individuals, and at times the money just makes it worse. The Saybrooks are well known on their scene, in the papers, with gossip columnists, and throughout the diamond industry. To own a Saybrook Diamond is a dream for many. Yet there is also a curse that comes with the name. Many seem to die in mysterious fashion, creating a strange aura of tragedy that seems to hover with them.

The rumor only gains more credibility when Poppy, one of the most popular and understanding of them, seems to throw herself from her window. Her family members wonder what could be so terrible to cause such a wonderful woman to make such a decision. That is until her cousins receive an incredulous threat: “One Heiress down, four to go.”

The remaining heiresses, Corinne, Rowan, Aster, and Natasha are all suddenly plagued with sadness and loss tempered with fear. Who is ready to destroy this illustrious family? Each of these women is not sure whom to trust in their circle of friends, including each other. What has created this threat and how can they counter in an effort to save their lives? Are money and diamonds at the root, or are there hidden jealousies within the family itself?

Shepard has given us a stark look at the lives of a group of woman of means. Yet their money cannot protect them, and may actually be their undoing. Each character has traits that you find yourself relating too, yet each is also a bit shallow. Even with danger and mystery, there is humor and fun, but the danger threads throughout the backstory bringing up that burning question. What is causing the deaths of so many, and how can they fight an imaginary foe? Is the curse truly the answer, or is there a deeper and darker mystery at work? Shepard takes us there while giving us characters that revel in the controversy and gossip surrounding them.

If you enjoyed Pretty Little Liars and The Lying Game you will find this to be another book of worth. This is a wonderful mystery with and the ups and downs of being in the center of attention. This will find a place on the shelves next to the other works by this author, and if you are new to her writing you will find yourself looking for more.


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