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A conspiracy of sinister and dangerous proportions will keep you riveted when reading "The God’s Eye View" by Barry Eisler.

Book Review: ‘The God’s Eye View,’ A Political Conspiracy Thriller by Barry Eisler

25828708A conspiracy of sinister and dangerous proportions will keep you riveted when reading The God’s Eye View by Barry Eisler. NSA director Theodore Anders is convinced the only way to keep America safe is to monitor and surveil every email, phone call, and internet connection. Our safety is his upmost concern.

His personal assistant Evelyn doesn’t care about any of that, she is just learning a few things that are not entirely comfortable and only wants to continue working in order to take care of her deaf son. Initially she is open and direct in her communication with her boss, but she now feels a bit of fear, without quite understanding why.

He leads her on, knowing that at some point she may become a liability. For now though she keeps his office running efficiently.

Things change and become even more terror filled when Evelyn finds evidence of a NSA program that is code named Gods Eye View. With this discovery she also finds out about the mysterious deaths of a few journalists. As her job takes her deeper into jeopardy she is unsure where to turn, as now she feels danger creeping into her own life.

As time ticks away and the possibility of whistle blowers finding more information she is dragged further into the dangerous world of political mayhem. Is the giant deaf man who befriends her son a friend or foe? Can she find out before the unimaginable happens?

Eisler takes us deep into the world of politics and gives us a number of ‘what if’ scenarios. Conspiracy and conspiracy theorists often evolve when questions remain without answers, especially in the hidden agendas of the government. Leaks such as those released by Snowden keep you on the edge of your seat, and the author’s characters drag you in. You will find it difficult to decide who are really the good guys and the bad guys. There is a psychological terror threaded throughout as you begin to dread the outcome along with his realistic characters.

If you enjoy political thrillers and conspiracies this is a must have for your library. One read through is simply not enough, you will find yourself going back for another read to catch up on all the nuances that may have been missed. Prepared to be terrified and looking over your shoulder as you catch up with The God’s Eye View.

This would be a great book for a reading and discussion group. Conspiracy invites dialogue and controversy.

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