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Big Band leader Glenn Miller's disappearance solved, 65 years later!

Book Review: The Glenn Miller Conspiracy by Hunton Downs

I thought I had heard of all the conspiracies out there until this book came along. Long before Black Helicopters, UFO's, and the Warren Comission, the government has apparently been covering up the murder of Glenn Miller. At least that is the assertion in Hunton Downs' new book The Glenn Miller Conspiracy.

Downs is nothing if not tenacious. It has been 65 years since the big band leader's disappearance, and the author has seemingly spent every spare moment investigating the incident. As anyone who has seen the great 1954 film The Glenn Miller Story will attest, Miller's plane went down somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean en route to a performance.

Or did it? The Glenn Miller Conspiracy presents a shocking alternative theory to the official U.S. position regarding Major Miller's untimely demise. Downs claims Miller was murdered by the Nazis, and his body dumped outside a Parisian whorehouse.

Now that is one juicy assertion, so I delved deep into this book, and attendent documentation. It is pretty impressive. Downs is a WW II vet, who served on General Omar Bradley's personal staff. This powerful position paid off well over the years, as he developed relationships with heavy hitters such as David Sarnoff (founder of NBC), Broderick Crawford, David Niven, and the surviving Miller family, to name a few.

All seem to agree that something is wrong with the official explanation of Miller's death. None will go as far as Downs, however, who postulates Miller as a would be agent provocateur who was tortured and murdered by the SS when they discovered his true mission.

Like all good conspiracies, there is much more to this story, of course. The circumstances surrounding the fateful day, the fact that Miller spoke German, and the author's claim that all of this is somehow related to the Battle of The Bulge all come into play. There are also numerous threats on the author's life, false documentation, and a deafening wall of silence from the US and British governments to contend with.

Whether you agree with Downs' ultimate conclusion or not, The Glenn Miller Conspiracy is a great addition to any conspiracy buff's collection.

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