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The Glass Gauntlet takes you into the lives of a group of young adults who find the will and the nerve to challenge the evil overtaking their world.

Book Review: ‘The Glass Gauntlet, The Blood Guard Book 2’ by Carter Roy

25271792In The Glass Gauntlet by Carter Roy, we are introduced to Ronan Truelove. Life has not been easy for him; after all he has already nearly been killed. What makes it even worse is that it is his father and the Bend sinister that have targeted him. He has now decided to join the Blood Guard and learn the sword skills of this secret society and become the champion of those known as the pure souls. They must have protection for they are necessary for the survival of the world.

When he and a couple of friends are chosen for their first mission, they are sent to another weird school, one where they must take tests called the Glass Gauntlet. Initially boring, they find that is more than they thought it would be. The danger comes from the competition, for someone is out to kill him. Ronan must find who wants him dead and why. What he first thought was a simple competition and another bout of training has turned to more much more.

The Glass Gauntlet gives him a new challenge, one where he must face his father. Can he protect his friends and save himself once more? Is his father after the pure souls? Ronan cannot back away from this challenge for he is now a sworn protector. The survival of the world is at stake.

Carter has given us a group of kids that are fun and entertaining. They each have their doubts and insecurities, and they all want to learn to be more. Yet there is another group as well containing the bullies, much like those we all face when we were young. You are drawn into the actions of,and cheering for, the underdogs.

Ronan’s world is complex and his villains are bold and dangerous. Carter takes us into the dealings of those who want to rule and care nothing about how it will affect others. He has given us a twist by making Ronan’s father the protagonist and he makes him more indecipherable then bad. There is always that question. Is he really trying with all his heart to kill his son?

If you have a young adult that loves fantasy and fiction filled with action and danger this is a great find. While set for the young, the story is also a wonderful find for the adult that is young at heart. Carter takes us into a world of turmoil, where the victors are still unsure of themselves and the adventures are exciting but dangerous. The second in the series you will want to go back and find The Blood Guard Book 1 to learn more about how it all began.

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