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Can deep seated memories be the reason we are drawn to a particular place, a place that we may have never been?

Book Review: ‘The Ghost in the Electric Blue Suit’ by Graham Joyce

18665088Sometimes we find ourselves a bit dissatisfied with life. Are we really living where we are meant to be; what draws us to another place? Can memories that are deeply hidden be the answer?

In The Ghost in the Electric Blue Suit, we follow the exploits of a young college student David Barwise. He has always known that his father died when he was quite young, and he is more than happy with his Stepfather and their relationship. His mother has never really shared any information with him of his father  and generally gets flustered when any questions are asked. David has always carried a photo of his father, an old black-and-white, with only one word written on the back – Skegness. Skegness is the small beach town where his father suffered a heart attack fifteen years previously and died.

David has decided that during summer break, he will do something totally different. He will head to Skegness and work in an old family resort instead of his usual summer job of working with his Stepfather. His family is hurt by his choice, and his mother seems horrified. Yet he must find what draws him to such a place.

From the beginning he finds himself in a world of change. He becomes a part of the staffers in every way, including being attracted to several of the women. There is also the strange occurrence of the millions of lady bugs that have descended on the town causing a ruckus. He finds himself drawn into strange circumstances that are dangerous, and even worse an affair with a married woman puts him at odds with the beautiful woman’s husband.

When a friend disappears he begins to understand the danger of his own situation. If that is not enough, he begins to see a blue suited man who carries a rope, often attended by a child roams the town. They are not visible to anyone else. Can he make it through the danger and cleave to the life and love he has found? And why is there clearly a ghost vying for his attention.

This is a strange and mysterious town full of decidedly odd characters. That David finds a way to fit shows the abilities of those who are open to change. Joyce finds a way to bring the characters to light in a manner that helps you to both see and understand them – at least in a fashion. The danger he portrays is palpable.

I found the story a little slow at times, and yet the action when it did occur was fun. I am still confused by the lady bugs and why they were a part of the theme of the work, yet they did add strangeness to the already eclectic atmosphere. The introduction of the ghost and the young boy kept you interested and wondering what was happening, encouraging you to read further. The romance and the danger added the spice necessary to tie it all together.

If you enjoy romance, danger, and mystery with a ribbon of the paranormal threaded through you will find this an interesting read. There is a satisfaction gleaned when you reach the end that clears up many of the questions and draws David and his family back together.

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