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A woman's journey through to her true Self.

Book Review: The Garden of The Soul by Lynn Serafinn

On your most distracted days, when you need a moment of calm, step into The Garden of The Soul: lessons from four flowers that unearth the Self. Lynn Serafinn's book is a blend of fiction, memoir, poetry, and dreams appropriate to the depth and richness of her story – her journey to the Self.

You'll feel at home with the restful prose using the garden as a metaphor for the Self. The author divides the book into four sections:

  • Lessons from the Rose where we learn the Principle of Giving
  • Lessons from the Iris where we learn the Principle of Receiving
  • Lessons from the Daffodil where we learn the Principle of Becoming
  • Lessons from the Lily where we learn the Principle of Being

Perhaps the most important lesson is this: "You are already the hero of your own life," says Serafinn. The work she does in coaching lets people see just how powerful and important their lives already are. Serafinn does a lovely job of bringing us along through the winding path to finding her true self.

Her reflections remind me of the many times I've received a gift of abundance, but was unable to recognize and appreciate it. The book is indeed a gift, rich with a lovely sense of fantasy.

The Garden of the Soul makes you think about the journey we all take to discover who we are, gain a sense of community, and struggle through difficult times. Serafinn does a lovely job of bringing us along on the path to revealing her true self.

Her "quarter-mile universe" as a child, filled with loneliness and fear, was fortunately relieved somewhat by her drive to write poems as some cathartic form of hope. Both bitter and good experiences find their way through her pen to tell the truth and to understand herself better in the process.

Serafinn's process of healing and rebirth teaches us a lot about self-forgiveness. She put a tremendous amount of effort into this book, giving us the gift of poetry, creativity and imagination, sharing her garden, and her self, beautifully. Enlightening!

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