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Can a strong lifelong friendship between a man and woman turn into love?

Book Review: ‘The Foiled Knight’ by John C. Stipa

For a child heading to school the first time, fear of the unknown makes everything seem frightening. When they meet that special friend for the first time, the one who seems to be a mirror image, the true meaning of friendship begins to unfold. Many of those budding friendships last a lifetime, building memories and backgrounds that often hold far longer than friendships cemented later in life.

In The Foiled Knight, we are introduced to Stan Palmer, a regular kind of guy, the kind who will do anything for his friends, reliable to a fault and extremely well liked, yet he has those who do not care for him as well. As a child he was often bullied. That is how he first met Tanya Davis. On the first day of school when Stan was knocked to the ground and made fun of, a fierce young girl made her way to the front of the room demanding the perpetrator to knock it off. When Ernie McFadden, the youngster responsible, began taunting her, Stan immediately moved to his feet and punched Ernie in the nose. As a fight ensued, Tanya leaped back into the fray, and before long the teachers arrived and the fight ended. But it was enough to cement a lifelong friendship between Stan and Tanya — and make an enemy of Ernie McFadden.

As they grew older and moved through school their friendship continued often of the verge of just a bit more. Yet something always happened. They dated others sporadically and were always the sounding board for one another as a broken heart mended. Their parents often thought they would get together, and yet what continued was a rock solid no holds barred friendship.

When Stan is almost killed in an accident and ends up on life support, Tanya is the first person his parents call. There is something very strange about the accident and the 911 call made at the scene. A young girl also goes missing the same night, and the police have somehow tied the two together. Tanya knows something is wrong, and she is determined to find the answer. Part of the story is missing, and she will find it.

As she begins digging, she is led on a trail of deceit and treachery. Her own life is at stake as she finally puts the pieces of the puzzle together. Can she get herself out of trouble before further damage happens to Stan, and his parents make a terrible mistake?

Stipa has hit a home run on this heart wrenching story about friendship and loss. You fall in love with Stan from the beginning: he is such an amazing person, humorous, upstanding and kind. As he fades away on life support, you are there breathing with him, holding him to the present realm. He cannot move on; he is the hero. Tanya gains your admiration and gratification as she fights to keep Stan alive, while at the same time fighting for his reputation. The tension is tightly wound, causing tendrils of fission that move between the families.

If you enjoy humor, romance and good plain fun you will enjoy this story. There is danger and distrust that thrusts into the heart of the prose, taking you into a sinister mind set, introducing both mystery and suspense as you weave through the lives of these two friends.

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  1. What a terrific summary, thank you for taking time to read and review.