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A view from the digital sea - is it the answer for the future or just another product to be manipulated?

Book Review: The Digital Sea by Thomas Carpenter

In a futuristic world where the earth is slowly decaying, the digital sea is available to override the view of the decline. Not everyone is enthralled by the use of the digital sea; it can be manipulated in many ways and is now being engineered to create a war between Pakistan and India.

Zel Aurora is trying to live her life and take care of her daughter in the best way she knows how. As the shaking disease continues to consume the life of Liala, she decides it is time to see what the Djed wants from her. If the money she receives can save Liala further pain, it is time to go forward. She herself has a condition, a form of autism that does not allow her to see the obvious. She must rely on a program that is now a part of her, programed to read others thoughts. As an integral part of her, known as Pandora, it is virtually invisible to even the most updated technology. As she makes herself available, she finds that Djed needs her to find who is behind the manipulation of the digital sea.

In The Digital Sea, Thomas Carpenter has put together an extreme technological futuristic thriller. Fast paced, the action keeps you on the edge of your seat. It is important to follow the action closely because every part has a reason. The interplay is amazingly intricate. Because of the scope of the novel, the characters are numerous. Mr. Carpenter has put together an amazing group of characters and tied them together with verve.

Initially, some of the characters confused me, and yet without them the story would not have been the same. Carpenter developed each character fully, making you feel for them, either liking them or disliking them — there was never a doubt. Well written, the descriptions of each character developed a picture in my mind. The technology is in-depth, albeit a bit over my head. Some of the information seemed so advanced I struggled with it. Yet the story progressed in a fashion necessary to the plot.

It almost seemed as though several stories were going on at one time, yet the convergence was exactly as it should be.

I would recommend this story for the pure science fiction buff. Those who love technology will find this a fascinating read. The story is great, but for me getting through the science was difficult. Thomas Carpenter is light years ahead, in a science fiction/thriller set on earth. He has evolved the planet to the future and set the playing field in a game of chance sure to thrill science fiction fans all over.

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