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The Big Picture: Insights from the Spiritual World offers fascinating stories, religious history, and spiritual insights in readable fashion.

Book Review: The Big Picture: Insights from the Spiritual World by Garry Gilfoy

Garry Gilfoy’s book, The Big Picture: Insights from the Spiritual World is easy to read and understand and very interesting to anyone with an open mind and a curiosity about the spiritual side of things and how it all fits together. Using the stories of seven people who have had an unexpected brush with the other side through illness or near-death experiences as examples, Gilfoy searches to unite the universal truths in many spiritual paths to show how concepts like reincarnation, karma, and destiny form the big picture of the title.

While the stories shared here are fascinating, including stories from past lives, archangels,and mysterious Watchers, I find that I have become a bit skeptical in recent years and, while I know these events are profound and life-changing for those who experiences them, I would prefer more solid evidence for them; for instance, if research had been done and something had been historically verified. But that is a personal preference of mine, and the stories are still intriguing.

I was more intrigued, however, by Gilfoy’s discussions of religious and spiritual history, including ancient initiations and the history of the Church as it relates to the more mysterious elements of spirituality. I also appreciated his insights concerning the universal truths that we can find in all religions and how they pertain to our place in the picture.

Gilfoy is a highly intelligent person with degrees in psychology, theology, and education, and has a practice in Australia in which he helps people handle crisis and performs past life regressions.

Certainly, The Big Picture will encourage readers to examine their lives and their beliefs and to consider parts of the picture they may not have thought about before. Any book that can make us think can help us grow spiritually and emotionally, and for that reason I highly recommend The Big Picture

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