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In 'Summer on the East End: Double Eclipse' by Melissa De La Cruz supplies us with a great addition to her Witches of East End series and another terrific read for your young adult.

Book Review: ‘Summer on East End: Double Eclipse,’ a Young Adult Novel by Melissa De La Cruz

“The Witches of East End” series keeps growing with the introduction of twin witches, Mardi and Molly Overbrook. In Summer on the East End: Double Eclipse by Melissa De La Cruz, we are introduced to this new duo, as they begin their vacation in the home of their Aunt Ingrid. With their father being Thor, the god of Thunder, they have a great deal of responsibility to just staying out of trouble.

Trouble though has a penchant of following those who live among the gods and goddesses, and they are no different. When they learn a secret from their past, they begin to question everything they know about their family. Along with the secret also comes a strong and mysterious prophecy, one that seems to drag them deeper than imagined into both the past and future.

Mardi’s boyfriend Tyr, is the god of war, while Molly is still on her own. Yet things begin to change as danger begins to follow them, putting both themselves and their family at risk. Then a hot new guy comes to town and suddenly everything heats up even further, as both girls find they will need to use their magic as danger mounts, putting them and all they love at risk.

The vacation finds them back to their mischievous ways, and takes them in directions they never imagined.

De La Cruz stirs up the imagination with her newest work on the Witches of East End and her new and emerging young witches. She builds a story of romance, suspense and danger, setting a sizzle to the atmosphere.

Her characters are very likable, each with distinct personalities, and feelings. As with most twins they squabble and fight but allow no one to stand between them. This is a great addition to her series and another terrific read for your young adult.

If you are looking for the right book for your young reader, or if you enjoy a romantic work with danger and fun attached this is just the right book for your library. De La Cruz gives us another solid hit for her Witches of East End cast and ensemble.

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