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Jacob Underwood is not like anyone else, for he experiences Cotard’s syndrome, a real condition that causes him to believe he is dead.

Book Review: ‘Spark,’ A Thriller by John Twelve Hawks

20587907There are times when we feel an overriding emptiness inside, times when things don’t feel quite right. Often this reflects a loss, or illness of those near and dear to you.

In Spark by John Twelve Hawks we are introduced to a different kind of this hollowness that burrows within. Jacob Underwood is one such person. After a series of events in his own life, he finds himself to be very different than most. He has no fear and feels himself as just a spark within a temporary housing which happens to be his body. Due to his mindset he seems perfect for the job he has been selected for, that of a contract employee for a shadow department in New York, buried way beneath the radar of both government and law enforcement.

His own brush with death has made him different. He is not like any of the other employees, or anyone else for he experiences Cotard’s Syndrome, a real condition that causes him to believe he is dead. To him his body is a shell that houses his spark. This makes him perfect for his job, for he is not a businessman, but a contract killer. He never questions his orders and follows his directions to the letter.

When Emily Buchanan disappears from the same company he is employed by, he takes on the job of finding and neutralizing her. But something has changed, and he finds himself on the wrong end of his company. What has occurred that makes him question his orders? He is now being hunted as well, and he finds himself with more questions than answers. This is an anomaly that causes him concern for he doesn’t understand where the feelings come from. Can he figure it out — and possibly keep Emily safe — as he tries to find the key element that has changed his life one more time?

This is a riveting book about an interesting condition as well as a story of greed and avarice. The characters are dark and without morals, leaving you horrified. It is difficult to dislike Jacob though, for he doesn’t seem to even feel — and yet much of what he does seems despicable. Somewhere in his delirium he has set a boundary, and this small feat seems to be the catalyst to change his emotional stance.

The story of the shadow corporation holds enough credence that it is easy to follow and believe that much of what is written is real. There is often greed and a belief by those who feel themselves above the law which we see in the headlines occasionally, helping to visualize the situations as they are written.

If you enjoy mystery and suspense with a twist of eeriness, you will enjoy this work. It would be a great book for a reading or discussion book for it brings forth questions of morals, relationships, reasoning, corruption, and illness.

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