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Power techniques for authors to sell more books through social networking online.

Book Review: Social Networking for Authors: Untapped Possibilities for Wealth by Michael Volkin

Authors today, whether published traditionally or self-published, are faced with managing the marketing tasks for their book. To keep your book alive, you can spend thousands of dollars on advertising, or pay other people to do the work.
Or, you can click a link to purchase Social Networking for Authors: Untapped Possibilities for Wealth. In a few hours, you’ll be ready to get started on your online marketing plan to sell more books.

We’ve never had better opportunities today, to reach a targeted audience for our books. Learn how to use online resources to take advantage of technology. Social Networking for Authors jump starts the process in Part 1, by laying the groundwork. Volkin covers the importance of creating a web site.

I’m amazed at the number of people who want to sell online but don’t have an online presence, so believe him: that is Step #1. You’ll also learn how to improve your visibility in search engines, offer books for sale through a shopping cart system, and learn about powerful web resources, including some surprising free features of Amazon and Google.

This book is not just an online social networking guide. I write and research book publishing for a living and Volkin has some sound advice on creating book titles I hadn’t read anywhere else. He also tells you how to turn one sale into three and take advantage of free marketing tools.

In Part 2, Social Networking for Authors stretches your ability to use the web for selling books through today’s hot social networking sites. With Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Ning, Squidoo, and more, it is difficult for the average author to sort out the scams and gimmicks online. It truly is a lot of work to find the right path to increasing your customer base through online marketing, but Volkin did the work for you.

As the title promises, Social Networking for Authors provides a thorough analysis of social networking for authors. Volkin teaches you to target your search rankings using tools for analysis, and explains how search engine optimization (SEO) works. There is much more to it than just showing up on the web screen with millions of other sites.

The book ends by listing more than 20 online venues for you to create visibility, stay connected, and keep your book selling. You might succeed on your own, but you will succeed with Volkin’s SEO strategies.

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