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Davis writes in a manner that even the longtime student of spirituality will find refreshing and enjoyable, but a large part of the book is addressed toward younger readers.

Book Review: ‘Soaring from Within’ by Lee Davis

Soaring from Within by Lee DavisLee Davis’s new book Soaring from Within: The Ultimate Human Journey made my heart and soul soar as I read it. I’ve read a lot of inspirational and self-help books over the years, but while they all have good advice, few have had such a calming effect upon me as this book did.

Davis sees the big picture of life and the universe, and he breaks it down for the reader into the simple ingredients that make up a joyful life and the journey that people must take through life. I can only compare his writing to Gary Zukav’s in terms of content and tone, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book.

Davis refers to Soaring from Within as a recipe book, and he walks the reader through the 12 ingredients he covers, among which are Thankfulness, Imagination, Unconditional Love, Compassion, and Free Will. A chapter is devoted to each of these ingredients and other chapters to areas he calls “seasonings.” Together, they lead the reader toward seeing the big picture of life and its purpose.

When I say “big picture,” I must clarify that I don’t feel Davis ever gets overly metaphysical in his discussions of life and the universe. He offers practical advice and real-life examples throughout, but he also makes it clear that there is more to life than the everyday world and that life has a purpose. Early in the book he states:

You are here to discover that you are the miracle and the truth. Your life is exclusively yours, but you do not live it exclusively for yourself. You are here to be of service to others, too. Remember, you are connected to everyone and everything in the Universe. Everyone in the Universe is an expression of our Heavenly Father. The manner in which we live is our interpretation of the Universal Laws. Know that nothing happens by chance, nothing!

Because we are created by God, Davis believes, what is important is the journey of our souls so they evolve and become closer to being like God. Part of our goal, therefore, is to be like our Heavenly Father. Davis states this and explains how we can accomplish it by saying:

To become like God, our attitudes, habits, and attributes must be consistent to His. The foundation we are here to build is a foundation of excellence, integrity, love, honor, and consistency! Our foundation must encourage, empower, and inform. That is why everything we utter, everything we mentally create, and every physical execution must lead us closer to His likeness and image! Consequently, we need to change all of our bad habits into good ones.

Davis writes in a manner that even the longtime student of spirituality will find refreshing and enjoyable, but a large part of the book is addressed toward younger readers. Davis wants readers to understand and believe that life has meaning, and he is very clear that suicide is never a solution to anything; because of reincarnation (as he believes), if we end our lives, we will just have to repeat the same experiences until we learn from them because the purpose of our souls is to evolve. I think this book, or at least these passages, should be shared with teenagers and anyone else who might think suicide is an answer to life’s problems because it clearly isn’t. And Davis also reminds us that the bad moments will pass and there is so much good in life.

While we are to learn and grow during this life, Davis clarifies that we are not meant to pursue material goals—he talks about how we must pursue not the “American Dream,” but the “Universal Dream.” He also warns us not to confuse “happiness” with “joy” because they are not the same thing. Happiness is fleeting, but Davis says that joy is our birthright. “Joy is not something that has to grow and develop inside you; it is already fully developed and within you. It was embedded within your spirit prior to your arrival on this planet. To be joyous, you have to come to that realization that you are full of joy and have been full of joy since your first day on this planet (actually, since your spirit was created).”

Davis’s poetic way of expressing himself is not surprising since he also has written beautiful poems at the beginning and end of each chapter. In addition, he offers inspiring quotes at the end of each chapter for us to ponder and expand our perspectives and understanding of life. Together, all these components create a recipe, and ultimately, a true feast for the soul hungry for nourishment.

Anyone who wants a better understanding of life and its purpose, as well as a good and inspiring read, need look no further than Lee Davis’s Soaring from Within. I am confident that after reading this book, your spirit will not only soar like mine, but it will stay in flight.

For more information about Lee Davis and Soaring from Within, visit the author’s website.

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