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With 'Silent Creed' Alex Kava takes us into hidden agendas and possible terror circles as she moves the pawns in the game of life as she sees it.

Book Review: ‘Silent Creed,’ A Ryder Creed Novel by Alex Kava

23398836When major catastrophes happen, Ryder Creed and his animals are often some of the first responders. In Silent Creed by Alex Kava we follow him to another disaster site. Creed is not there for the glory, he is there for a job. His dogs are not just his closest companions but trained for rescue. Trained for both live and cadaver rescue, their services are much sought after.

His first view of this new disaster reminds him of the danger of his trade. The area is littered with fragments that he and his dogs will be sifting through to locate bodies. Finding those alive is his most important agenda, but he knows that all victims must be searched to reach closure. When his first find is a body with bullet holes, the search takes on a whole new twist. Creed finds himself in the middle of a rescue site with more questions then answers. What begins as a natural disaster suddenly becomes a case for murder. His concern is for his animals, but the danger is palpable in more ways than one. Can he get to the bottom of the mystery as he and his animals continue to look for survivors?

Kava keeps you riveted with the mystery created within the search as well as through her protagonist Ryder Creed and his dogs. Creed is an amazing character, tough when necessary especially on his own, but when his dogs are in danger his personality takes on a more dangerous mien. The interaction between him and his animals is amazing. The bond is full of love and respect, and his connection with his dogs as well as his strength of character draw you to him.

The mystery itself is like that that we often read about in the papers. Kava takes us into hidden agendas and possible terror circles as she moves the pawns in in her work of fiction, creating danger and mystery at every turn.

If you enjoy mystery and danger with a dose of amazing animals and search and rescue, this is the book of the summer. Once started prepare to be hooked for you will be unable to put it down. Ryder Creed is a fictional character that seems very true to life.

This would be a great work for a book club or reading group. It would also be the perfect book for your action and mystery library.

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