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Book Review: Serpent’s Kiss by Melissa De La Cruz

Serpent’s Kiss by Melissa De La Cruz is an exciting follow up to her prior novel in the series, Witches of East End. With Serpent’s Kiss we follow the continued exploits of the Beauchamp family, Joanna along with her daughters Freya and Ingrid. After the restriction on using magic was lifted in her prior work, life has been interesting for the family. Back in their comfort zone after centuries of restriction, life is as it should be — or is it? Something is happening in Joanna’s house; her house keeper imagines there are ghosts or spirits; and Joanna is not sure. Is someone trying to contact her?

Freya’s life takes a turn when her twin brother suddenly shows up, and Ingrid is finally in love. But there is something happening to tear the family further asunder. Why is Freddie back and professing innocence to a crime he was convicted of committing? Can Freya help him find the evidence he needs when he thinks the actual culprit that set him up is the love of her life, Killian Gardiner?

Will Ingrid’s new love, police detective Matt Noble, be able to reconcile his belief system with the unknown-to-him fact that he has fallen in love with a witch? Tempers flare and anger threatens to drive a wedge into their new and tender feelings.

Throw another wrench into the making of a cauldron of trouble, but Joanna’s husband has now determined to come back into her life and that of her daughters. What more can happen that will stir the noxious mixture of fear, trust and chaos, especially when Joanna finds that a spirit is trying to contact her? Is this spirit really looking for help or out to cause more harm? Can they find what is behind Freddie’s conviction and who is behind the other strange happenings in their beloved home?

De La Cruz has delivered a satisfying and enchanted follow-up that takes you further into the background of a fascinating family of witches. Her characters are unique and have their own temperaments and drama which add to the life and characterization of the backdrop. Tie in some super sexy men and a bit of suspense and danger you get a very heady brew.

The family harkens from years of witch craft which extends even further back then the Salem Witch trials, although that time in history is part of who and what they have become. The love between the members is like all families, fraught with anger and misunderstanding. Tempers and passions flare throughout, and trust becomes the buzz word. Who can you trust when you have been through the very fires of hell?

This would be a great novel for a reading group. There is suspense, danger, mystery, and a few of the things that go bump in the night. The romance is hot, and the love is tender. There is something for the most passionate of readers, a satisfying quality that brings closure. This would be a great book for your library.

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