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A dark and mysterious past brings about a dangerous and spiritual journey for a young mythologist trying to find answers.

Book Review: Seduction by M.J. Rose

Seduction from Wikipedia: seduction is the process of deliberately enticing a person, to lead astray, as from duty, rectitude, or the like; to corrupt, to persuade or induce to engage in sexual behavior. When the past and the present combine to create the power of seduction, often lives collide.15802432

In Seduction by M.J.Rose, we learn a great deal about the novelist Victor Hugo, an author from the early 1800s who lost his daughter to drowning. Unable to cope with the despair, he is seduced by the spirits from beyond the grave, constantly seeking his approval by offering to exchange the life of his dead daughter for another. Yet there is much that is private and unknown about Hugo and his writings, as well as his interaction with his wife and others.

Enter mythologist Jac L’Etoile, recovering from her own loss and grief. In her effort to uncover more about the reclusive early author, she also hopes to uncover the secret of his islands Celtic roots. Invited to Jersey by Theo Gespard, a friend and mentor from her own past, little does she realize that Theo has his own agenda for the research and history she is following.

As she delves into the mystery of Hugo’s transcripts dealing with his conversations, she senses a mystery. As he writes his dialogue with someone known to him only as the Shadow of the Sepulcher, little does she understand the danger she is uncovering that puts her very life at stake. Is the key to these conversations worth her sanity and that of her friends? Can she find the answers that beckon her, and put the shadows to rest before it is too late?

Rose has moved the needle with a suspenseful and eerie mystery. Beginning with an early ghost story, the words take you into the darkness and madness of grief. With a gripping turn of the pen you are transported into the mind of a man whose misery comes close to ruining his life. This darkness and despair echoes through the story and the island home of Victor Hugo, turning the lives of those searching for answers upside down.

If you enjoy romance and danger and a bit of the paranormal with a mysterious story, then you will enjoy Seduction. This would be a great book for a reading group; there is a great deal of information and action that will make for great discussion.  Full of tragedy and hope, the ending takes you unaware and leaves you wanting more.  This is a must-read for the M.J. Rose fan, and will garner her a whole new audience.

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