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Bella and Britt discover a female sea turtle laying eggs near their home. They have to find a way to keep the eggs safe from harm.

Book Review: Sea Turtle Summer by Nancy Stewart

Bestselling Author of One Pelican at a Time, Nancy Stewart has done it again. She has written another great story. In Sea Turtle Summer, she tells the story of Bella and Britt and sea turtle hatchlings.

Bella and Britt love living near the beach. One morning they come across a mother turtle laying her eggs. The female turtle lays her eggs in the middle of the beach. Bella and Britt must figure out a way to keep the eggs safe.

How will Bella and Britt keep the turtle hatchlings safe?

With every obstacle, Bella and Britt remain resolute to keep the hatchlings safe. I love the underlying messages of the story. Here are a few that stand out:

1) Respect for nature — Bella and Britt display a huge respect for nature by taking it upon themselves to keep the turtle hatchlings safe.

2) Compassion — The concern Bella and Britt show in their desire to help the baby hatchlings is heartwarming. Most pre-teens are self-absorbed and only care about their personal needs.

3) Perseverance — Bella and Britt encountered many obstacles but with persistence, they sought help from the beach ranger to help keep the hatchlings safe.

4) Friendship/working together — I am hugely impressed with how Bella and Britt worked together without fighting to come up with a plausible solution.

Lastly, Bella and Britt can be role models for other kids their age. I see this book as a great classroom resource for teachers to teach children about respect for endangered species such as the female sea turtles.

The soft water illustrations by Samantha Bell help the story jump off the page.

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