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In Saving Abby by Steena Holmes Josh and Claire Turner seem to have it all, yet there is that one thing they have always wished for. A child of their own. When their wish is finally granted, tragedy seems to set the stage as Claire must make a life and death decision that can change their lives forever.

Book Review: ‘Saving Abby’, A Novel by Steena Holmes

27407556In Saving Abby by Steena Homes, we meet a couple, Claire Turner and her husband, Josh. He is a celebrated author of children’s books and she is the illustrator. While they seem to have it all, there is that one thing that they have always dreamed of, a child of their own. After trying for years, Claire has finally accepted the fact that fulfillment of their dream will never be realized.

Yet it is finally when all hope is gone, she finds that miracles do exist. She has become pregnant. The first few months are like a cloud, happiness and excitement abound.

When debilitating headaches begin disrupting her life and sleep, her roller-coaster begins. Her doctor finds a tumor, and Claire must make a decision. Any treatment could put her pregnancy at risk. After trying for so long, she is firm in her decision that she must hold off on treatment until the baby is far enough along to be born. Yet if Claire’s treatment isn’t started in time, she risks certain death.

Can this span of tightrope work in both directions, with a miracle on both sides?

Holmes gives us characters that are strong yet vulnerable. Love and strength is essential to the story, and both happiness and grief vie for the win. She takes you to the highs and lows of life with the flick of a pen, and yet she holds out hope as an enchanting chain, daring cancer to break it. She holds you in thrall to the very end. She brings into play a life for a life, with the hope for a double win. The tension keeps you reading far into the night.

If you enjoy romance and family, woman’s literature, and contemporary drama, you will find this to be the perfect work for your library. Holmes takes you through the list of emotions without ever giving anything away.

This would be a great book for both a reading group and book club with a myriad of discussions generated off the questions and decisions generated within the pages.

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