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Inspirational new book, "Return to Happiness: Ryan's Journey" by Ryan John Phillips, reveals that life is meant to be happy

Book Review: ‘Return to Happiness: Ryan’s Journey’ by Ryan John Phillips

Return to Happiness: Ryan's Journey' by Ryan John PhillipsRyan John Phillips sought happiness through fame as a hockey player, but his hockey career just wasn’t meant to happen. He sought happiness through partying, but again, he only found himself lost and unhappy as a result. He sought happiness through easy money, which led him in the exact opposite direction when he turned to drug-trafficking and ended up arrested and placed in prison. In Return to Happiness: Ryan’s Journey he tells the story of his journey back from this low point in his life.

Ryan was imprisoned in the United States as a Canadian for smuggling drugs. After serving his time, he returned to Canada, having been told he would never again be allowed to enter into the U.S. For Ryan, that was a tremendous punishment because he had a daughter in the United States whom he loved dearly. His decision to deal drugs had not only affected him but created all kinds of sadness and complications for others.

Turning his life around was not easy for Ryan. He had incredibly supportive parents, his daughter’s mother stood by him, and yet, he had to find his own way in life. He continued seeking something that would bring him happiness, turning from drugs and partying to various forms of work and, ultimately, deciding to film a travel show or travel documentary.

Excited about the travel show possibility, he and his cameraman arrived in Thailand — and then things suddenly began to change for him. Intent on doing good, Ryan visited orphans who had lost their parents in the 2004 tsunami. He provided food to another orphanage, and everywhere he went, he sought to bring smiles to people’s faces. Ultimately, he became involved in bringing awareness to and helping in the cause to end sex slavery and human trafficking in Southeast Asia. And as a result of Ryan’s actions, the universe rewarded him by giving him the thing he most wanted in life.

To say more would be to give away the whole story and spoil the joy of reading it. But I can say that Ryan never finished his travel show documentary — instead, he created an incredible film called Return to Happiness, documenting his journey, and this accompanying book to the film now offers more details about Ryan’s transforming experiences.

From meeting Hollywood celebrities to experiencing Native American sweat lodges, and from visiting some of the most holy and most destitute parts of the world to manifesting his greatest dreams, Ryan has had an extraordinary journey. Based on powerful concepts Ryan learned about how to acquire happiness, wisdom gained from numerous spiritual leaders, and his own often dangerous but ultimately life-affirming experiences, Return to Happiness is a book that will remain with you for years to come.

Best of all, Ryan discusses here the processes he used to bring about the changes in his life. He shares these with his readers because his ultimate goal is to bring happiness to as many people as possible. Return to Happiness is a guaranteed feel-good book, but it’s so much more than that—it’s a life-changer for any reader who will open his heart to hear Ryan’s deeply loving and moving words.

For more information about Ryan John Phillips and Return to Happiness, visit the author’s website.

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