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Great, fun reading for bedtime.

Book Review: Princess Caitlin’s Tiara by Kim Messinger and Michael LaLumiere

What is it about little girls, princesses, and tiaras? From the writing team of Kim Messinger and Michael LaLumiere comes another enjoyable story for kids, though this time the tale is geared towards little female readers and book lovers.

Little Caitlin is in a rotten mood — a really “big old funk. A humongous funk. A funk that could eat Chicago.”

To lighten Caitlin’s spirits, her mom comes up with an idea. She tells Caitlin how when she was little she had something that always made her feel like a princess, a special thing that made her feel “funk-proof” — a beautiful princess tiara! But after trying on her mom’s tiara, Caitlin realizes it is too big for her; thus she sets to the task of making her own using cardboard, scissors, a stapler, and shiny silver foil. Then, with her brand-new, glittery tiara on her head, her imaginary adventures begin. Snowboarding at the South Pole with penguins, diving deep in the ocean with mermaids, riding in style in a big pink limousine, flying amidst the clouds in her pilot uniform — the fun never ends!

Princess Caitlin’s Tiara is a delightful picture book that will delight young girls ages 4-8. I found it has a lot of text for a picture book, making it an early reader for young book lovers as well. The colorful illustrations are evocative and whimsical and possess a dream-like quality that suits the plot well. This is a book that touches the ‘little girl’ in all of us. This is a fun story for bedtime reading, or one a mother may read to her child anytime for mother-daughter bonding.

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