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Book Review: Please Help Me Lift Something Heavy. Thank You! by Dr. Rick Galinas

Often things happen in our lives that change us forever. Sometimes those things are good things, but just as often they are devastating. How you choose to handle the situation comes from who you are inside, or who you choose to be.

In Please Help Me Lift Something Heavy. Thank You! by Dr. Rick Gelinas, you are given an opportunity to see how one such amazing person handles his own situations, both good and bad. Taking his own perspective and helping you as the reader, find another way of finding something worthwhile in everything that happens, it is not surprising that you find humor in each of his tales.

These are true events in the life of the author, often sad or interesting, but just as often surprising. I found the book to have come at a great time for me as well, as terrible news always seems to find a way to slide into your life during the holidays.

Gelinas’ personal stories lifted me out of the most dreadful despair, by making me look for the blessings. That is not always an easy thing, but the humor and the “just the facts ma’am” attitude gives you a deeper insight into how generous and tenacious are the souls of those who choose to look at the brightness, and not the gloom.

The title refers to some incidents in his life, and yet it also pertains to the overall character of the work. Asking for help is such an easy task, and yet many never ask, or back down after a few shutdowns. You have to admire a person who is not afraid to ask for help when needed, it is a wonderful characteristic to have, not easy for most.

The life of Gelinas is open to inspection. That too is not always an easy maneuver. The work is full of anecdotes and asides and gives you a new perspective of optimism.

The book is made up of 33 different short stories, which makes it a wonderful read for traveling, waiting, or just when you really need a lift. Gelinas is involved in much charitable work and the proceeds from his works are used in those efforts.

Known for his work with Little Acorns Children & Family Programs, inc., he has also launched an ancillary program for needy veterans called Books For Boots. He is a man with a heart, and credits much of his success to his wife Linda. 

I would recommend this book for its intrinsic values, but also for the interest and understanding of a strong and charismatic individual. The work is both uplifting and valuable to those most in need.

If you are looking for a lift, and a different way to look at life you will enjoy this work. Gelinas has made decisions that were difficult and often wrong but through it all he maintained that spirit of giving. His words and thoughts are uplifting and humorous as well.

There is something for everyone, sadness, laughter and love. Take a chance to look at the world though a different set of eyes. What could it hurt?

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