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A hot and sultry love in danger from an outside source, but suspense only sharpens the heat.

Book Review: Nightfire by Lisa Marie Rice

The burn and heat of a passionate love is the stuff romance novels are famous for. An escape into the ecstasy of a racy relationship keeps the fires burning on the pages as well as in the hearts of the fans.

In Nightfire, Lisa Marie Rice has delivered with a flaming love and romance as well as a suspenseful mystery.

Chloe Manson can only remember bits and parts of her life from when she was a child; most of her youth was spent in endless hospital rounds, trying to correct damage done to her through abuse. When her step-parents die, she is left with a great deal of money and a secret that is almost unimaginable. When she decides to follow the leads she is given, she is unprepared for what she finds.

One of the men she encounters in her quest is a former Marine sniper and Swat officer. He is now part of a trio of men who own RBK Security, inc. They are instrumental in removing women from abusive situations, but none of them are prepared for the information Chloe brings them. Mike is instantly smitten with her, but then he is generally smitten with most anyone of the fair sex.

Yet she is different; she brings out his protective tendencies. Time stands still when she is around and he is prepared to do what it takes to make her his own. When her path crosses that of the Russian mob, her life becomes potentially forfeit.

It will take everything for Mike to save her. What could such a kind young woman have done to draw the attention of the mob? How can Mike save her when she has no knowledge of why they are after her? Can they find the answers before their deadly attention spills over on to Mike’s family and friends?

Rice has written a novel of powerful characters, and tender feelings. The danger is brutal, and she builds the tempo in a smooth and insightful fashion. Each of her characters is full of depth and understanding, but also very dangerous in their own right. The story is well written and quite believable. What really keeps you in tune is the heat that sears the very pages of the book. The tension is so thick at times you can feel the vibration.

Passion and longing fill each page as Mike tries to fight his feelings and do the right thing. He is well known for his sexual activities and he does not want to besmirch her in anyway. She is beginning to become far more to him than he is comfortable with.

Danger stalks Chloe in a frightening fashion. Even with her background she is not one to step back when others are in danger. Because of her bravado, she only further earns the anger of the Russians. The damage that occurred in her youth was extreme and took years of surgery and therapy to make her whole again. She is willing to risk it all to rescue those in need.

If you enjoy hot and passionate romance novels you will enjoy this work. Throw in some suspense and danger to round out the mushy stuff and you have a more serious form of heat, one that drenches the senses. This is a great novel for taking you away from your daily grind, the suspense is good and the romance sizzles.

Due to the nature of the novel there is some graphic language, not overwhelmingly so, but enough that if you are easily offended you may be bothered.

I look forward to reading more of Rice’s work.

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