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Book Review: Migration: Lost And Found In America by Donald McCrea

Migration: Lost And Found In America is a visual tour of America through the eyes of 16 different photographers who carry different looks of America. It takes you from coast to coast in an effort to celebrate the rich diversity that is this land of America.

What is different is that this Migration is also a multimedia experience. There is a companion website listed in the book that provides a CD of music for your download to listen to while enjoying the visuals that the book provides.

The book itself is 140 pages hard bound 11 x 9 ½ inches and displayed in full color. It contains 118 plates with one image per page. Only the name of the photographer and page number is on the page. At the end of the book is a listing of each of the plates where they were taken as well as more detailed information about the photographer. There is also a website listing so you can find out more about the artist.

The artists included in this portfolio are Alex Harris, Bill Sosin, Dave Jordano, David Schalliol, David Zaitz, Donald McCrea, and Edward Burtynsky. Also contributing are Jerry Downs, Joe Burull, Kenneth Jarecke, Mark Indig, Peter Granser, Susana Raab, Travis Ruse, William Greiner, and Will Steacy.

Express Train ©2010 Travis Ruse

The goal of Migration is to bring together a series of photographs that could bring to life that complexity of the American society. It attempts to bring out its nature, beauty, and contradictions. The trip begins in New York and travels through Philadelphia, Illinois, New Orleans, Nebraska, Montana, and many other places until it finishes in California.

The music that accompanies the book is all original music by Donald McCrea. It too is a sampling of styles that make up the varied cultures and rich musical heritage that is Americana. It gives a feel of a time gone by.

Not only does Migration present a good display book for either home or office, but on a personal level it gives you an opportunity take in a more down home feel when you experience it while listening to the music. It lets you take your time and soak it in.

If you are looking for something of a different experience, want to explore the different sides of America through the eyes of many different people, then I think that you will enjoy Migration: Lost And Found In America.

(“Express Train” ©2010 Travis Ruse)

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