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The Megahits of 2012 series from Alfred Publishing provides excellent arrangements of 2012 hits for different piano skill levels.

Book Review: Megahits of 2012 Series [Music Books] by Alfred Publishing Company

Alfred Publishing Company always provides quality music arrangements in their music anthologies, and the three books in the Megahits of 2012 series are no exception.

Each book in the series is aimed at a different level of musical ability. The first book is the Big Note edition, and has 12 songs in it. The second book, Easy Piano, has 13, and the third, which is for piano/vocal/guitar and is more advanced, has 20.

The books contain hits by such popular groups and performers as Train, Maroon 5, Adele, Carrie Underwood, fun., Katy Perry, Christina Aguilera, Chris Mann, Keith Urban, Toby Keith, and Neon Trees. They cover pop rock, country, TV and movie hits.

Even the easiest book, the Big Note edition, will allow beginners who have mastered treble and bass clefs to entertain their friends with current songs. But for the most enjoyment for solo playing and those who want to entertain themselves by playing recognizable versions of the songs, the Easy Piano is probably the most enjoyable book to play. It is easy but not simple, fully complex enough to impress listeners and enough of a challenge to be fun for the player.

For the piano or keyboard player, the third book is best for playing to accompany a singer or with other musicians, because unless you have three hands you have to choose between playing the melody (vocal) line and the bass, or playing the accompaniment, which often does not echo the melody. It is perfect, however, if you do wish to play accompaniment or as part of a group of performers.

The songs in the three books are:

“The Big Bang Theory” –all three books
“Wide Awake” –all three books
“Falling Slowly” –all three books
“Don’t Stop Believin’ –all three books
“Payphone” –Big Note and Easy Piano

“Glad You Came” –Big Note and Easy Piano
“Secondhand White Baby Grand” –Big Note and Easy Piano
“We are Young” –Big Note and Easy Piano
“Everybody Talks” –Big Note and Easy Piano
“Boyfriend” –Big Note and Easy Piano
“Good Girl” –Big Note and Easy Piano
“Tongue Tied” –Big Note and Easy Piano
“Some Nights” –Easy Piano
“Blown Away” –Piano/Vocal/Guitar
“Change Nothing” –Piano/Vocal/Guitar
“Disparate Youth” –Piano/Vocal/Guitar
“Come Away to the Water” –Piano/Vocal/Guitar
“For You” – Piano/Vocal/Guitar
“Good in Goodbye” –Piano/Vocal/Guitar
“Home” –Piano/Vocal/Guitar
“If I Die Young” –Piano/Vocal/Guitar
“Keep Your Head Up” –Piano/Vocal/Guitar
“Love You Like a Love Song” –Piano/Vocal/Guitar
Make You Feel My Love” –Piano/Vocal/Guitar
“Marry Me” –Piano/Vocal/Guitar
“The Prayer” –Piano/Vocal/Guitar
“Red Solo Cup” –Piano/Vocal/Guitar

Each book offers specific benefits and all are up to the always excellent standards of Alfred Publishing. Choose your level of ability and your musical needs and prepare to enjoy whichever one of these books you choose.

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