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Suspense, mystery and romance with a dash of the paranormal.

Book Review: ‘Made For You’ by Melissa Marr

20419003Being a part of the in crowd is fun and exciting. There is the adulation, the copycatting, and the popularity that abounds. Yet there can be darkness when you are the center of attention directed from anyone of those around you – especially those you call friend.

In Made For You by Melissa Marr we are introduced to a group of young adults who have known each other most of their lives. Eve Tilling is one of the leaders, beautiful and fun, and surrounded by those who are in the same league of money. Yet there are also those she calls friend whose circumstances are not the same, friendships that occurred at a younger age when status was not the deciding factor. Her best friend through school, Nate, is one of them – or at least was. He no longer talks to her, shutting her down whenever she approaches. She decides she does not care, for there are others, like her friend Grace who does not see the division of money or status. She likes people or dislikes them indiscriminately. Eve is thankful for her friendship, and tries to be kind, but it is difficult to be herself when expectations from those around her are so high.

When Eve wakes up in the hospital after an accident she is confused. What could have happened? Holding hands or touching people suddenly brings strange visions and death. Initially, she believes she has had some form of concussion and that it will go away. Afraid to mention her feeling to anyone, she continues with the vision when she reaches out for that comfort. When the visions do not go away, she realizes that she is seeing how people die. Suddenly afraid, she does not know where to turn. Her friends surround her, and yet there is now a prickling of fear for the police have determined there was no accident. Someone has tried to kill her. That’s when her friend Nate comes back into her life. He too has someone in the hospital, and when he realizes that Eve may be in danger, the past and their friendship comes back into focus. And yet that friendship is more; there is a heat between them that seemed the deciding factor in driving them apart. Can Nate and her friend Grace help her to understand the darkness that is now settling around her? Who tried to kill her, and will they try again?

Marr has introduced us to a spectacular group of characters. The personalities and flaws are found in schools throughout the country. The tension she creates is remarkable, and the story line hooks you from the very beginning. At some point we have all known someone just like many of the characters she has created.

The danger of popularity often brings obsession, and Marr found a way to weave that obsession into a story of romance and friendship, creating a friction that gives you chills. There is something cold and strange about the killer, for he has begun preying on her friends in an effort to woo her.

If you like suspense, mystery and romance with a dash of the paranormal you will find this a wonderful read. This would be a great book for your library and one well capable of keeping a discussion group in full dialogue. Melissa Marr has given us a strange and twisted tale of love and romance.

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